Fri Jan 12th Panel Discussion on UofT’s Proposed Mandatory Leave Policy

Friday January 12th, 2018
1:00 – 4:00 PM
Bissell Building, 140 St. George street,
4th Floor (Inforum Library), room 419

U of T’s proposed University-Mandated Leave of Absence Policy [current draft of the policy] would allow administrators to place a student on mandatory leave of absence “when it becomes apparent that due to mental health or other similar personal issues, the Student’s behaviour may pose a risk of serious harm to themselves or others, or significant impairment of the educational experience of other students, or is unable to engage in activities required to pursue an education” (Policy Draft Cover Memo, p.2, October 5, 2017).

Join us at the Faculty of Information for a panel discussion on student mental health at UofT. The discussion will begin with an overview of U of T’s 2014 ‘Student Mental Health Strategy and Framework’ research report and recommendations, and review of key contents of the proposed Mandated Leave Policy.

Coffee, tea, and snacks provided

RSVP to Facebook or Eventbrite 


Nathan Chan, graduate student of life sciences and clinical research related to mental health, involved in student response to MLAP;

Natalie Helberg, graduate student of philosophy researching ‘the subject’ in relation to language/discourse, institutional modes of boundary policing, and psychiatric, corporeal, sexual, and aesthetic forms of normalization;

Adrian Huntelar, UTSU Vice-President University Affairs, author for UofT’s Varsity Newspaper, involved in student response to MLAP;

Lucinda Qu, Equity Studies Students’ Union, involved in outreach and community-building on issues of equal access to resources on campus.


Robyn Forman, graduate student of information policy and user experience design, co-chair of iStudents for Mental Health, GSU Representative for Master of Information Student Council, Master of Philosophy U of T 2014.


Feedback, questions, or interest to volunteer, contact

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