The Mental Health Committee (iStudents for Mental Health) is a standing committee of the UofT Faculty of Information Master of Information Student Council (MISC) focused on student mental health at our school and UofT broadly.

Action Items

  • Compile and update guide for mh-related supports, programs, and groups available to UofT students.  Resources
  • Publish student-generated content reflecting on mh-related issues, news, and initiatives.  Articles
  • Organize and promote events that facilitate peer connections and access to mh-related information (e.g. Study Music Listening & Studying Sessions; Mental Health First Aid Training Scholarship for Future Library & Information Professionals; MH-related workshops at UofT).  Events


  • Foster dialogue and community on issues of mental health that commonly affect graduate students;
  • Advocate for greater expansion, improvement, and accessibility of UofT resources to help support student mental health; and
  • Seek out and engage with opportunities for mental health-related education/preparedness for future librarians and information professionals.

Check out our past activities here!

Get involved in the development of iMH:

  • Contribute to producing and publishing content – written or multimedia
  • Help maintain, expand (and redesign!) our resource guide
  • Organize and promote events with iMH


Contact the co-chairs at iStudentsForMentalHealth@gmail.com