iMH is a student advocacy group focused on mental health. We work towards our goals in collaboration with the Master of Information Student Council (MiSC) of University of Toronto’s Faculty of Information (iSchool).

Action Items

  • Compile and update guide for mh-related supports, programs, and groups available to UofT students.  Resources
  • Publish student-generated content reflecting on mh-related issues, news, and initiatives.  Articles
  • Organize and promote events that facilitate peer connections and access to mh-related information (e.g. Study Music Listening & Studying Sessions; Mental Health First Aid Training Scholarship for Future Library & Information Professionals; MH-related workshops at UofT).  Events


  • Foster dialogue and community on issues of mental health that commonly affect graduate students;
  • Advocate for greater expansion, improvement, and accessibility of UofT student resources for mental health;
  • Advocate for mh-related training/preparedness for librarians and information professionals.

Check out our past activities here

Get involved in the development of iMH

  • Contribute to producing and publishing content – written or multimedia
  • Help maintain, expand (and redesign!) our resource guide
  • Organize and promote events with iMH

Contact Marta & Robyn at iStudentsForMentalHealth@gmail.com