UofT’s Institutional Commitment to Mental Health

A New Strategy for Student Mental Health
UofT Magazine
by Staff
The University of Toronto Student Mental Health Strategy and Framework, released late last year, recommends the university take a “systems approach” to mental health – focusing not just on health and wellness services and programs but also on ensuring that conditions throughout the entire university enable students to flourish. “A systems approach looks at the whole student,” says Jill Matus, chair of the committee, “and recognizes that different supports are needed for different students.”

UofT’s Mental Health Framework: 22 recommendations in five key areas
UofT pledges to recognize mental health as a priority in the University’s value statements and strategic goals, with a focus on creating sustainable mental health initiatives, including:

  • Awareness Education, Training, and Anti-Stigma Strategies
  • Inclusive Curriculum and Teaching Approaches
  • Mental Health Services and Programs
  • Policies and Procedures

Full Report: Report of the Provostial Advisory Committee on Student Mental Health: The University of Toronto Student Mental Health Strategy and Framework 

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